The Copy of cadastral maps

The purpose of clarification of land boundaries, or neighbouring, is this kind of geodetic works as a copy from the cadastral map. This type of surveying does not provide for the exit of the area and conduct geodetic measurements, however, provides for the cameral data processing and monitoring official sources. Information is available from official sources services of geodesy, cartography, land management and cadastre, and is carefully chosen to match your specific needs. The copy of cadastral maps is developed on a separate parcel and its neighbors, or may include entire neighborhoods or even districts. The scale in the case of copies of cadastral maps is not essential, but we can make you a photocopy of your scale.

Инженерно-геологические изыскания. Инженерные изыскания под строительство

in order to obtain information about which land had already been allotted to the property of citizens of Ukraine, which at the moment is free, is copy of cadastral map, plan. What you need to know this? Let's say you are having problems with the allocation of a land plot into the ownership because of the inability to enter the area specified in the state act on the right of use of the land. This may be due to the fact that your neighbors from several directions from you, has already issued a cadastral number to their land holdings, and for you simply there is no space to place the ownership of land which you occupy in fact, so that the size was correct. In this case you need the copy of cadastral maps - the plan contains information about listed in a General public database of land plots. There you will be able to see the overall picture of events to determine where you have the opportunity to expand or extend your site, in order ultimately to reach the necessary size.

the Copy of cadastral maps provides a General site plan or map of the area onto which the graphical information on land parcels previously made to the state database. On the so-called "substrate" cadastral maps can be either a schematic map or satellite picture. On top of the "substrate" plotted the boundaries of land already assigned a cadastral number. On the copy of the cadastral map can be seen in addition to the privatised individuals of land plots, and plots, which imposed the servitudes or restrictions in use. If necessary, the copy of cadastral maps shall indicate the types of intended use of the land, and if there is such information in the database, the owners of land. The copy can also be noted in the area of individual land plots or the total area of several estates. In order to understand all that is marked on the copy, we will offer you explanations and sign conventions.

in order to provide you with a copy of cadastral map we need to know the cadastral number of the plot, or the one that interests you in the neighborhood. If you do not have such data, we will try to find the section for the address, or at least at the location of any landmarks. Then draw lines within the diagram all the objects of private and state property, information about which is included in common state database.

ultimately, the specialists company "Guild Engineering" will provide you with a copy of the cadastral map with the seals. Based on the obtained document you can defend your rights both in court and privately with disputes with neighbours. The copy will be you a weighty argument, to contradict which would be difficult, because the information printed on the drawing is official and provided by the Department of land management and cadastre.

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