Copy of the topographic plan

Cherkasy region

Guild Engineering quickly and efficiently  will perform the copy  of topographic plan of scale 1:2000, as well as site plan identifying the location of electrical installations in Cherkassy region for Cherkasyoblenergo and RES, and make a copy for podklusenye to an electrical outlet in the Kaniv district, Talne district, Shpola district, Smelyanskiy district, Kamensky district, Chigirin district, Poltava region, Monastyryshensky district, khristinovsky district, Mankovsky region, Zvenigorod district, Chornobaivske district, Zhashkiv district, Lysianka region, Uman district, Korsun-Shevchenkivsky district, Drabiv district, Katerynopil district, Gorodishche district,Cherkasy region.

in order to connect to the RES, Cherkasyoblenergo need to collect a number of permits and technical documents. One such document is the copy of the topographic plan the scale of 1:2000, preceded by topographic surveying of the areas using specialized surveying equipment. This copy is in scale 1:2000, which is acceptable and used by employees of REFs. It marked the place where the electrical installation, as well as the plot, which will be brought electricity. In addition to these two key points should be third in the copy takes into account the location of each communication networks, both underground and ground - telephony, sewer, water, gas. You also need to take into account the presence of bridges, railway lines, highways passing through the area or adjacent to it. This particularly applies to industrial facilities. Any real estate objects on the site are also recorded.

the copy of the topographic plan Cherkasy region

it is Worth noting that vykopirovka can you  need not only to connect to the power grid, but also for registration of the design documentation for construction. However, the announcement service is the main goal for such works. Depending on the purpose for which they are performed may vary and vicoprofen and situational plan of the site. In one case, you may need a General, universal, which is applied to all elements of the land, from the size and location and to real estate. This total copy is made of  under any order in all cases, except when necessary  specialized. It requires an individual approach, may contain only the information that is needed for a particular purpose or a particular customer. This kind is often necessary to provide in RES and energy companies, namely vicoprofe and situational plan of the site. Option copies are to be discussed individually with the customer.

So our engineers-surveyors were able to start work on geodetic surveying and the development of copies, it is necessary that the customer has on hand was a State act for the land, as well as technical passport of the property located on the site. We provide you copies of these documents as well as documents that establish your identity - a passport, TIN, a power of attorney (if necessary).

All relationships between the customer and our company are of a contractual nature. Authenticity is composed of topographic plan and copies of it shall certify our experts, who carried out this work. We have a right to it because of official business on the basis of license and authorization certificates. In order to carry out the work safely and accurately, on the basis of our work went to the instructions and regulations regarding the conduct of such processes. And copy  and related work we carry out for any settlement, Cherkasy region.

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