Copy of the topographic plan

Vinnytsia region

Guild Engineering quickly and efficiently  will perform the copy  of topographic plan of scale 1:2000, as well as site plan identifying the location of electrical installations in Vinnitsa oblast for Vinnitsaenergy and RES, and make a copy for podklusenye to an electrical outlet in lityn district, bar district, Kalynivka district, Tulchyn district, Peschansky district, Bershad district, Illintsi district,Gaysin district, Zhmerynka Raion, Kozyatyn district, while casting the district, Vinnitsa district, Lipovetsky district, Trostyanets district, Nemyriv district, Teplitski district, Chernevetsky district, Murovani Kurylivtsi district, Shargorodsky district, tomashpil district, Mogilev-Podolsky district, Yampolsky district, kryzhopolsky district, Principal district, Khmelnitsky region, oratovski district, Tivriv region.

Engineering-geodesic surveys is a wide field of activity. In them are different directions and a large number of processes and procedures. Some works are used for industrial and manufacturing facilities, while others are aimed at ensuring the construction process. But there are also universal services, which take place regardless of the destination of the object, its location and other characteristics. This survey. The result of surveying is a topographic plan for electricians need a copy of the topographic plan of scale 1:2000. This graphic document that is the basis of materials associated with design.

Copy of the topographic plan

Sometimes there are cases when topographic map is made for a specific location, but in the course of construction or other process, you need a graphics only part of the territory, you can make a copy of the topographic plan. She may need in order to assemble a complete package of documents for the drafting and approval of the architectural offices. Accuracy and absolute identity of Topolino, which is the source - these are the main requirements to the copy. This is clear even from the title. This document should be graphic copy.

Another process, which may require making copies is connection to electric networks. With this purpose the land owners often turn for help to the engineers-surveyors with a request to perform work on the preparation of the copies. To provide  this document in REFs need to be prepared in accordance with the rules. In particular, is subject to scaling. The scale should be 1:2000. Generally, in the preparation of Vimperk are fairly small scales up to 1:5000. But it is 1:2000   allows specialists grid to get all the necessary information about the territory in optimal clarity and visibility.

Copies of topographic plans can be of two types - General and specialized. General are universal due to the fact that they applied all the information relating to a particular area, down to the smallest details. Specialized information is much less, they are made specifically with a certain purpose, and it is based on these goals, and is a copy. To connect to the electricity grid, it is better to use specialized copies with complete and accurate information necessary for the proper supply of electricity to the site.  

Our company is operating in Vinnytsia region will make you the copy of the topographic plan 1:2000, and also includes the manufacture of situational site plan with the location of electrical installations, which will satisfy all requests Vinnitsaenergy. With our help you will get the most accurate document, fully match the original topographic plan. Having such a copy, you can easily settle all issues related to documentation and conduct electricity in the quickest time.

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