Copy of the survey plan for the RECs and Luganskoblenergo to connect eletrocute Lugansk region

the Action! geodetic survey for connection to the mains supply and RECs  and Luganskoblenergo such areas as new Pskov district, Krasnodon district, Antratsyt district, Kuibyshev district, Perevalsk district, Belokanski district, papanasam area, Trinity area, Swarovski district, Belovodsk district, Sverdlovsk region, Re district, Kremen district, Slavyanoserbsk district, Markov area, Stanichno-Lugansk region, Malawska district, Luhansk region, consisting of: copy  of surveying plan in that structure, which require electrical power grid on 1:2000 scale with the definition of the location of the electrical installations, land or predictable connection point with a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection to the mains and site plan with the location of a placement of electrical installations and cost-800 UAH. If necessary, the specialist on-site is 1500 UAH.

Engineering-geodesic surveys are conducted for different purposes and on various sites. They have a range of activities and processes, each of which has its purpose. The conduct of one relevant for industrial and manufacturing facilities, while others are aimed at support of the construction process. But there are those-which are important for some, and for others. Such geodetic applications include topographic mapping.

Copy of the survey plan for the RECs and Luganskoblenergo to connect eletrocute Lugansk region

Survey to be carried out for the subsequent preparation of a topographic plan. It can be of different scales, depending on the desired display of the object examined. Topographic plan is a large-scale drawing, which can be both universal and specialized. They are used in various industries, contain a lot of information. Specialized topographic maps are often based on a particular object or area under the individual order. Our company "Guild of Engineering" provides the holding of copies.

Copy is a copy taken from a topographic plan of 1/500 and 1/2000. It is a document required:

  • when designing buildings or structures for the design of technical specifications;
  • when conducting electricity to the object to obtain the conditions of a technical nature;
  • to ensure that urban conditions during the construction of the building or structure.

most Often, the copy is performed for connection to electric networks. This document is available in the RES, it needs to be executed in accordance with all regulations and requirements. The copy is made on a small scale. Most commonly used scale of 1/2000. It allows experts electricity to get all the necessary information about the territory and the object.

Copy obtained from topographic plan, also happens to be universal and specialized. Universal copy carries General information about the site in great detail. Specialized copy is created for a specific purpose, therefore, carries only the most necessary information.

If you need a copy to provide to the RES, then it is specialized, which will give the maximum information specialists electrical networks of this site, necessary for the proper implementation of summing up the electricity.

If you need the copy of survey plan in Lugansk, please contact our company. Our experts will create a competently this document, which will meet all standards and requirements. To create copy to RES in Lugansk and throughout the region efficiently and quickly our staff will be able, thanks to its long experience and professionalism. to Order a copy in Lugansk and site plan with location of electrical installations, you can contact our consultant at the telephone number listed on the website.

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