A copy of the survey plan of the Nikolaev area

Guild Engineering quickly and efficiently  will perform the copy  of topographic plan of scale 1:2000, as well as site plan identifying the location electrical Nikolaev  and areas for nikolaevoblenergo and RES, and make a copy for podklusenye to an electrical outlet in snihurivka district, Bereznegovatsky district, Novobugskiy region, Bratsk district, new Odessa district, Elnicki district, Arbuzynka area, Zhovtnevyi district, system area, Mazankowski district, Berezansky district, Mykolayiv region, vradievskiy district, Ochakiv district, Voznesensky district, Pervomaisky district, Domaniewski district, Veselinovski district, Sekretarka area.

Order the copy of the topographic plan Mykolaiv region for nikolaevoblenergo, situational plan of the land Nikolaev with determining the placement of electrical installations, copy  of topographicsurvey plan at a scale of 1:2000  for RES with  the determination of the placement of the electrical installations cost-800 UAH. If necessary, the specialist on-site is 1500 UAH.

A copy of the survey plan of the Nikolaev area

Connection of electricity to the structure or connection to the land is an important and responsible work. From a quality and honest performance of his professional duties by employees of RES  and the company depends on the security of all who live or work in a particular building and throughout the site. When connected to the mains must be taken into account all the fire safety regulations and other considerations. In order to do everything correctly and accurately, in the bodies of power grids need to provide a number of documents related to the site that requires a connection. Among these documents is the main the copy of the topographic plan of scale 1:2000.

Copy can be made with existing plans, and separately, specially for a particular order. But regardless of this, during the development of the copies are taken into account such aspects as the location of the site on the ground, its size, and also the place where the installation, which will be the starting point for the supply of electricity. A very important note is the reference to the copy of all communications that are present on the site. It is important for professionals RES, in order to calculate the installation location of supports, if needed, and maintenance of transmission lines.

Guild Engineering ready to have a topographical survey with subsequent preparation of a topographic plan, and a copy of it. This document was developed with the accounting standards and regulations, and meets all the requirements of the RES and nikolaevoblenergo. So we can  to perform this service for any customer all over the Mykolaiv region.

in Addition to copies of  we are also engaged in the preparation of case plans for the plots. Situational plan is presented in the form of a card, on which drawing area required in a particular scale and its location relative to terrain. Although the General plan is the main document for the initial design or construction, the construction of the project without it can not do. Especially when it comes to the construction project, which provides all technical, engineering components of the site and features of communication. So do not belittle the value of this document (especially because it is certified by signature and seal), and trust and its development professionals of our company.

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