A copy of the topographic plan 1:2000 for RES and Odessaoblenergo for connection to the mains Odessa oblast

the Action! geodetic survey for connection to the electricity and RECs  and Odessaoblenergo such areas as Ovidiopol district, Surawski district, Mykolayiv region, Ivanovo region,  Frunzenskiy district, Lyubashevsky district, Velykomikhaïlovskiy district, Tatarbunarskiy district, Krasnooknyansky district, Bolgrad district, Tarutino district, Berezovsky district, Kotovsky district, Saratskiy district, Belyaevsky district, Kominternovsky district, Savran district, Belgorod-Dniester region, Kiliya district, Reni district, Artsyzskiy region, Izmail district,  Ananievski district, Razdelnyansky district, Kodymskiy region, the Baltic region, Odessa region, in part: copy  of surveying plan in the composition, which require an electrical outlet on a scale of 1:2000 determination of the placement of electrical equipment, land or predicted attachment point with a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection to the grid and situational plan determining the placement of electrical equipment and cost-800 UAH. If necessary, the specialist on-site is 1500 UAH.

Topographic plan is a document that most accurately conveys all the characteristics of a certain area from the point of view of engineering geodesy. In order to make it, it is necessary to conduct a topographical survey of the site. It is the main procedure of geodesy and carried out with the use of electronic equipment - digital tachometers. Without topographic plan it is impossible to start any serious process on site. Especially important topoplan at the design stage. In fact it is the basis of each project documentation - from the master plan to the drawings of the individual elements.

Odessa oblast

But topographic plan is important and relevant not only so, but also from the fact that its base is designed other graphic instrument, namely the copy of the topographic plan. This so-called copy of topoplan. Be different, they can only scale. If the original document may be implemented as a large scale of 1:500 and disorderly 1:5000, the copy is usually arranged in the ratio of 1:2000. This scale is considered to be normative, especially when it comes to destination copies. But to require it often can when connected to the grid in RES and energy companies.

If you live in the Odessa region and to connect you need to Odessaoblenergo, to be compiling copies will be able company the Engineering Guild. If you have already finished topoplan, we can build on it. And if such a plan yet, and the plot was not carried out any survey work, we will be able to perform this step. This option is the best, because the only way we can guarantee maximum accuracy and correctness of the plan and copies.

in Addition to this service, we need develop and  this graphic document as a situational plan of the site, which is the layout of the land. Along with such items as real estate on the site next to them, as well as transport facilities, on site plan applied to all information relating to communications. This electricity, heating, gas and water supply, Sewerage. All the technical aspects that will be needed in the process of design and construction, are displayed in this document. And our goal is to make it as copy, accurate and clear for further work.

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