A copy of the survey plan 1:2000 for RES and Sumyoblenergo to connect the mains Sumy region

Action! geodetic survey for connection to the electricity and RECs  , Sumyoblenergo such areas as Yampolsky district, Putivl area, Konotop district, Glukhovsky area,  Nedrigaylovsky district, Kostinski district, Trostyanets district, Velikopisarevsky district, Lipovodolinsky district, Sumy region, Burinskii district, Lebedinsky district, Mid-Buda district, Krolevets district, The Belopolsky district, Romny district, Krasnopolye district, Sumy region, Sumy region, in part: copy  of surveying plan in the composition, which require an electrical outlet on a scale of 1:2000 determination of the placement of electrical equipment, land or predicted attachment point with a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection to the mains and site plan identifying the location of electrical installations cost-800 UAH. If necessary, send a technician to the site is 1500 UAH.

Graphic documents is the basis of any land or building process. Almost any geodesic procedure in the ends with the complete graphic documents of various kinds and degrees of complexity. All depends on the goals of the construction process and  also what the organization these materials are formed.

the copy of the topographic plan 1:2000 for RES, Sumyoblenergo to connect the electrical outlet Sumy region

the graphical documents must be approached responsibly. Professionals who carry out procedures prior to the preparation of maps, charts, drawings and plans must have sufficient qualifications. This applies to those who will process the data and to draw. The company Guild Engineering offers its services for the development of any graphic documents for design, to be submitted to the architectural control and other agencies for construction, commissioning, and many other needs.

One of the graphic documents, which we developed, is the copy of the topographic plan land held in scale of 1:2000. Need this document for RES and energy companies in order to connect to the grid. Because it applied not only information on the location of the land, but also by the location of the point from which you will connect. Work on drafting vicoprofen representatives of our company is held in many communities in different regions of Ukraine, including in the Sumy region. So, if you need to connect to Sumyoblenergo, feel free to contact our specialists.

the Following document, which we successfully prepared is situational plan of the land plot. It is necessary for any owner of the land, which is planning to build its territory. Situational plan is made only after the cadastral registration of the land. This sequence is necessary because the plan is applied and cadastral information in a particular room. In addition to the rooms there is denoted information about the future structure of its parameters, as well as all possible and necessary to connect the lines of communication networks. Speaking generally, the situational plan is a plan of the land plot. It is the official document that is certified by the seal and signature. Our company has all necessary permits to conduct the work and the drafting of these documents.

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