copy of survey plan 1:2000 for RES and volynyoblenergo to connect eletrocute Volyn region

the Action! geodetic survey for connection to the mains supply and RECs  and volynyoblenergo such areas as Liuboml district, Vladimir-Volyn region, Kovel district, Shatsky district, Lutsk district, Starovyzhivske area Lukacinsky district, Ivanichevsky district Basic district, Stone-Kashirsky district, Tureski district, Lubashevsky district, Ratnovski district, The Reaper district, Horokhiv district, Manieczki the district, Volyn region, consisting of: copy  of surveying plan in that structure, which require electrical power grid on 1:2000 scale with the definition of the location of the electrical installations, land or predictable connection point with a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection to the mains and site plan with the location of a placement of electrical installations cost-800 UAH. If necessary, send a technician to the site is 1500 USD.

the copy of survey plan 1:2000 for RES and volynyoblenergo to connect eletrocute Volyn region

Surveying is an integral part of the construction process. Survey operations are conducted both at the preparatory stage of construction, and during construction of a building or structure. To ensure that the constructed object started its functioning in full, must be carried water, gas connection, electricity and more. In order to connect to the utilities need to have permissions that can be obtained in the presence of the relevant documentation.

Connection to electric networks of the land requires the availability of copies and the site plan.

Copy is a copy of a particular piece of surveying plan, according to the data obtained as a result of the topographic survey. Topographic plan may be submitted in electronic or in graphical form. It depends on what format you need it to the customer. On the site plan display all of the elements are there: underground and above ground utilities, real estate, topography and terrain situation. To obtain the most accurate data, our surveyors in their work using only innovative equipment, thanks to which the work is carried out promptly.

surveying the plan must contain the presence of elements such as a transformer and a low voltage. If your toplane are no such elements, our surveyors will carry out on-site and conduct a topographic survey required for the conduct of copies.

copy must indicate the location of the tie-in and connection. They are the most important for the work of the specialists of electrical networks. Place the inset is a pole or transformer substation, which will be connected to electricity. The connection is the place where you will install your electricity meter. They are the most important elements, but in addition they copy must contain the additional, which include power line. It should be stated from the place of connection to the place box. Specify the number of the column and the name of the substation.

the Most popular scales for copying - 1/500 And 1/2000. Most commonly used second scale. It is very easy to use so as not large in size and with all the characters and elements are clearly visible.  We will provide a document like  the copy of topographic andgeodetic plan at a scale of 1:2000 for RES and Volynoblenergo with the definition of the location of the electrical quality and on time.

For connection to electric networks in Lutsk and Volyn region we provide this documentation:

  • the copy of a topographic plan in scale of 1/2000 for RES and volynyoblenergo
  • site plan of the land plot with the definition of the location of the electrical systems in Lutsk and Volyn region.

We guarantee the quality of the compiled documents.

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