A copy of the survey plan of the Kherson region

Guild Engineering quickly and efficiently  will perform the copy  of topographic plan of scale 1:2000, as well as site plan identifying the location of electrical installations in Kherson  and areas for Khersonoblenergo and RES, and make a copy for podklusenye to an electrical outlet in Kakhovka district, Vysokopillya area,  Beryslav district, Nyzhni Sirohozy district, Chaplynka district, Skadovsk district, Ivanovo district, This district, Tsyurupynsk district, Kalanchak district, This district, Novotroitsk district District district, Belozersky district, Novovorontsovka district, Henichesk district, Velyka Oleksandrivka, Hola Prystan.

Skagite we the copy of the topographic plan of the Kherson region for Khersonoblenergo, General plan land Kherson with determining the placement of electrical installations, copy  of surveying plan 1:2000 scale  for RES with  the determination of the placement of the electrical installations cost-800 UAH. If necessary, send a technician to the site is 1500 UAH.

A copy of the survey plan of the Kherson region

Everyone who is going to build something on your land or already tries to start, for sure, knows that without some surveying simply not enough. And not because we are talking about build quality, but because without documents, based on the results of a procedure it is impossible to obtain a construction permit or to issue other documents. One of these important components is the copy of the topographic plan. This document becomes a part of a number of materials of a technical nature, which are collected at pre-design stage. Another purpose is the presentation of the RES for the connection site or object to the grid.

For this purpose the copy is performed at the scale of 1:2000. For work on its creation should be used surveying equipment that will accurately record the location of all objects of interest. Processing stage plays an equally important role. Therefore, it must also be carried out with the use of such programs, which are directed to the needs of geodesy and ensure quality results. The result is two variant copies. One - to-digital provided on electronic media, and other traditional paper.

Guild Engineering specializes in geodetic work. One of the priority directions of our activity is the so-called graphic direction - processes, which is a graphical document. The copy is no exception. You can easily get permission and go through the procedure to connect to Khersonoblenergo, if you contact our company. We work throughout Hersonski area and  established contacts with representatives of REF.

in Addition to copies, there are a number of procedures for which we produce high quality and accurate graphical documents. One such process is the compilation of the situational plan of the site. The most important thing that distinguishes this paper from other similar prepared for the same land plot is to focus on the technical component. In case the site plan is always in the plane of the area where it is located and with respect to other objects such as roads, highways, Railways, and communication lines. All this information should be applied precisely and accurately, which can guarantee our company.

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