Copy of the Khmelnytsky oblast

Action! geodetic survey for connection to the electricity and RECs  and Khmelnitskoblenergo such areas as Starokostyantyniv district, Belogorsk district, Kamenets Podolsk district, Dunayevetsky district, Teofipolskiy region, Gorodok district, Starosielski area, Respect the area, Holnicki district, Yarmolinsky district, Krasyliv district, Derazhnyansky district, Polonsky district, Voloomskii district, Iziaslav district, letichevskiy area, Vinkovetsky district, Starokostyantyniv district, chemerovetskogo district, Slavuta district, Khmelnytskyi region, in part: copy  of surveying plan in the composition, which require an electrical outlet on a scale of 1:2000 determination of the placement of electrical equipment, land or predicted attachment point with a radius of 300 meters around the point of connection to the mains and site plan identifying the location of electrical installations cost-800 UAH. If necessary, send a technician to the site is 1500 UAH.

Any land the plot requires a certain geodesic procedures. Usually this is a standard set, if we are not talking about some complex objects, which will provide full information about the territory. The maximum amount of information can be obtained from topographic and to present them in topographical terms. Topoplan is important geodetic document, which becomes the basis for the development of other materials. First, this building project, which developed only after will be performed topographic survey. And secondly, it is the copy of the topographic plan. If topoplan the basis of the project, the copy is a direct copy.

the copy of the topographic plan 1:2000 for RES and Khmelnitskoblenergo to connect the electrical outlet Khmelnitsky region

what is a copy? It can become a part of the technical documentation in the collection of materials for the design. But it has another purpose is to provide, upon the request of the REFs for connection to electric power companies. It is copy with its inherent scale of 1:2000 is the main document which guides the employees of the electricity when conducting transmission line to a particular area or object.

Guild Engineering, the office of which is in the Khmelnitsky region, will conduct all necessary work on the development of copies and make a document with which you can easily go through all the procedures in the RES and connect to Khmelnitskoblenergo. We not only can make a copy of the existing plan, but also to conduct topographic surveying at the place themselves. We go in any town of Khmelnitsky region. Also on any area we will work on preparing the site plan.

site plan of the land plot is a schematic document orientation. A mandatory condition for compiling this acts as a binding site to the terrain. That is, the plan should be applied to not only the plot, but the territory that surrounds it. Particularly relevant are items such as bridges, Railways, highways and other transport interchanges. Another key point communication system. Without situational plan you can not do it, because it comes in a package of documents that you submit to obtain a building permit. So both the document and the copy, and site plan were done the first time have been taken in the respective organizations, please contact our company.

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