Copy of a land parcel survey plan

With the right documents the history of the land. Naturally, the territory can long be used and ordered without proper documentation. However, in order to take possession of the land or to start some work on it, it is necessary that all the materials were in order. As the land plot is a multifaceted concept that requires approach from different sides, to the registration documents must also be addressed in a comprehensive manner. This  process is not only a legal settlement, but also in a number of geodetic procedures that will help to gather all the necessary technical material.

Copy of a land parcel survey plan

One of the documents that you want to get, if there is a need in the construction or connection of utilities to the site, is copy of the land. In fact – this is the site plan. Only it is a kind of copy made from topographic and geodetic plan of the area, which is a plot.

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As already mentioned, the main purpose of the copying is to satisfy the purposes of construction and the construction of communications. However, it is also important in the process of registering land documents. It is this document that gives the owner an idea about the exact position of the land. In addition, the copy is important in case you are just planning to enter into possession of any land, which until then had remained in the municipal property.

Between the original topographic and geodetic plan and copy, there is one significant difference. It consists in the fact that the plan shows a large area of the area, which includes not a single piece. And in the copy focuses on one area and those who surround him. That is, the data contained in this document can be called more local.

Capirossi land of topographic and geodetic plan contains a set of information that together convey a full description of the land. In particular it discusses the technical and geographical territory properties:

  • the location of the study area relative to nearby
  • the main parameters of the land;
  • the passage of communication lines underground and surface character – electricity, water, heating, sewage, and gas lines;
  • the availability and location of water bodies on the property.

a Set of documents in this case are standard, no additional information or materials will be necessary. You need to prepare the documents that prove your identity and your rights to the land plot, which is investigated (ownership, an extract from the cadastral documentation).

In some cases, the land owners in order to save an order to obtain copies of the relevant government agencies. However, this approach often brings not just the desired results. The completed document can wait a long time, which affects the timing of registration of all other securities or the timing of construction. Therefore, in case you need to make a copy of the land, it is advisable to contact our company. In this case you  have the ability to receive documents from an independent specialist, and in the shortest possible time. In addition to the copies, our company carries out surveying work aimed at establishing current and accurate information concerning the territory and shall update existing topographic documents.

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