the Removal of boundaries in nature Brovarsky district, Kiev

Geodesy is so vast that it stands out several directions at once, combining certain procedures. So, for example, can be a land management direction, responsible for performing work required for registration of land documents. Another area of work at the production facilities - industry, water features and more.  Another important component of engineering work performed for the purpose of construction or reconstruction. And in each of these areas highlighted its key procedures.

the Removal of boundaries in nature Brovarsky district, Kiev

today, one of the most popular processes in Brovary district of our capital city are the removal of boundaries on the terrain of the land use directions and topographical surveying - engineering.

surveys can without exaggeration be called the most desired geodetic work. After all, it begins with any process. Because before you can start to do something on earth, it is necessary to study it.

Topographic survey Brovarsky area is carried out by means of electronic equipment that gives the opportunity to accelerate the process and also provide the customer the most accurate information. The survey captures information such as the terrain, its parameters, the presence and location of immovable objects on the lot, for the lines of communication. The complete recording of communication involves the study and ground and underground sections. In some cases, you may need to large poderina shooting with fixing the location of each tree, each Bush. Such details  need to Topsham, which will be established for the purposes of landscape design or simple improvements.

as a result of such conduct of the full survey area, information is sent to the specialists for processing. The result is a topographic map or, in some cases, the card in the corresponding purposes of the procedure the scale from 1:100 to 1:10000, 1:25000. Accompanies the graphical document is a detailed technical report.

If a topographic survey is the most popular procedure in this direction in geodesy, engineering research Brovarsky district,  the removal of borders in the area - not less popular service in land. Land management involves carrying out geodetic works for the collection and documentation on the site. All these procedures begin with the installation of the borders. This is a very quick procedure, which takes only a few hours. When all this is conducted and executed on the spot, without additional treatments.

Removal of boundaries in nature Brovarskoy district of Kyiv has several goals. In particular, such work will be performed when:

  • you need to set the size and other parameters of the study area;
  • there is a need to re-install the borders in view of the fact that the plot was divided or combined with others or document of the previous removal was lost;
  • requires installation of boundary markers or replacement of old;
  • the owner wants to fence a plot of land with a fence or other barrier construction;
  • you must provide to the court proof that the borders of your territory are there even before your arrival.

Boundary marks, which are a mandatory part of the process, are fixed at the same distance from each other, it is obligatory on all turning points of the plot. All these works you can spend just a few hours. You will receive an official act of the imposition of boundaries on the ground which you'll need for paperwork and when dealing with controversial issues.

the Company Guild Engineering has all the permits to conduct such activities in all areas of Kiev, including Brovary.

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