the Removal of boundaries in nature on the ground of the Kievo-Svyatoshinsky district, Kiev

Surveying work is important at all stages of the functioning of the land - and during the construction, redevelopment, improvement, and after all the process finished, but the plot itself and the objects on it are already being exploited. However, most of the work falls on the initial, preparatory phase, when only the execution of all necessary documents or plans to start large-scale construction, as well as other similar actions.

At this stage there are two key procedures that must be performed. This topographic survey and the removal of boundaries in nature on the ground of the Kievo-Svyatoshinsky district, Kiev. These works are carried out quickly and professionally by the specialists of the company Guild Engineering.

the Removal of boundaries in nature on the ground of the Kievo-Svyatoshinsky district, Kiev

Topographic survey of the Kievo-Svyatoshinskiy district is aimed at a comprehensive study of the area by its measurements. These measurements are carried out using surveying instruments. In particular, it can be digital total stations, and GPS navigation. Such progressive equipment helps significantly speed up the research process and make it as accurate as possible, which is the most important factor in the work of the surveyor. The slightest mismatch can lead to disastrous, negative results in further works.

Topographic mapping belongs to the category engineering surveys. It must be done on the land in case they are planning to perform any work, regardless of their nature. But most often, the survey ordered in the case when the owner of the land decided to build something on it. The results of this procedure are the basis of future construction project. So shooting for engineering purposes is performed as completely as possible.

According to the results of survey compiled technical progress report outlining the results. In addition, an topographic map of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district. For the sake of this plan and is the whole procedure. It includes the following information:

  • the parameters of the site - its size, the size of the individual elements;
  • topography
  • the location and settings of the buildings on the site;
  • the location of green areas (if assumed and improvement works required poderina shooting);
  • the presence of water bodies and their location;
  • the location of the lines underground and surface communications.

All these details give the opportunity to properly develop design documents and efficiently carry out the construction process.

However, no action on the site is impossible if not properly prepared materials and land management is not undertaken. In particular, it is necessary to establish the boundaries of your territory. This can be done through the removal of boundaries in the area. If your area has no fences, borders must be secured boundary marks. In that case, if the boundary line of the territory demarcated by a fence, it is necessary to clarify these boundaries in order to avoid disputes and complaints from neighbors.

the Stakeout - the procedure is quick and quite simple. However, at first glance, insignificant work, not be able to ignore. After all, without defining the exact boundaries cannot perform any action with a plot to sell it or to rent it, put a protection structure or to begin construction. Skipping this procedure, you run the risk of lawsuits from neighbors, large financial costs.

ignore surveying work of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district. Otherwise, you may lose even more time and money in the future for re-registration of documents, the courts or eliminate construction errors.

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