the Removal of boundaries in nature

the Takeaway section in nature – at first glance it's a simple and fast procedure. However, it only seems like that at first glance the man who far from land management activities. But professionals with experience and expertise in such matters, I must say to you that this is a tedious procedure. And even the presence of the customer all documents of title and cadastral numbers do not always guarantee that the work will be done as quickly as we would have wanted the site owner.

the Removal of boundaries in nature

for each customer, the question arises – what is the difficulty of this procedure? It's all in the coordinates, rather, in establishing them. If the owner has cadastral number, position determination is greatly facilitated. However, they still need to install.

Removal of boundaries in nature – it is responsible. And therein lies another reason for the complexity of this work. After all, you need to set the coordinates and boundaries very accurately, so that neither the customer service nor the owners of adjacent lands does not have any complaints about the inaccuracy of the location of boundaries. After all, on the basis of these data is surveying sites. And in some cases the bounds set by engineers-surveyors, are the main proof of the rightness of one side or another in litigation regarding the division of territories.

in order to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the work, the specialists of the company " Guild Engineering” used professional surveying equipment. Electronic tachometers, and navigation receivers reduce the margin of error and increase the accuracy up to 2 cm. The presence of such equipment allows our engineers to reduce the time of execution of works to one day, if the customer has all the necessary documents on hand.

Some conscious and responsible customers seek help before became the owners of the site. They want to find out the accuracy of the boundaries specified in the documents before buying the land. This is a very good approach that will help to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

the Takeaway section in nature is not only the boundary by coordinates, but also reinforce these boundaries, boundary marks. So, the key points are carried into the nature of these characters. The signs are not that other, as iron or concrete pegs firmly driven into the ground at all turning points of the corners. Each of the characters has its own individual number which is stored in the Deed of transfer-acceptance deposited with boundary markers. This document is prepared by the surveyors at the end of the work.

Boundary marks should beware of the landowner. After all, one of the main reasons for performing the procedure of removing is the loss of landmarks that have been previously installed. The displacement or total loss of one or all peg leads to a distortion of the real boundaries.

the Takeaway section in nature and boundary marks will help the site owner to properly install the fences on the borders of his territory. And in some cases clogging the peg is not required if the lot at the coordinates set by surveyors, already passes the line of demarcation, enclosed by a fence, a strip of green space, water body, road or another object.

in Addition to Act of transfer-acceptance team and the act establishing the boundaries of the site on the ground, which must sign all the neighbors with which these data are necessary to be discussed.  

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