the Removal of boundaries in Vyshgorod district of Kyiv

In geodesy there are dozens of activities and processes that are aimed at the study of the land in all sorts of settings and for different purposes . However, among these works we can distinguish several so-called main procedures that are applicable to any site, regardless of the purpose, location, scope, and goals of the owner. They are a must - without them it impossible to continue the work at the site. Among universal works should note two - the Stakeout of boundaries on the terrain and topographical survey.

the Removal of boundaries is referred to the land use section of geodesy. This process involves determining the boundaries of the territory in order precisely to determine her location. Supporting the installation and fixing of boundary markers. This procedure is impossible without the use of surveying instruments. Only with their help it is possible to determine the exact boundaries of the land plot. Namely, the accuracy is an important factor. We are talking about the location of your site relative to other adjacent territories, which also have owners. If the definition is inaccurate in a big way, it could cause a dispute with the owners of neighboring properties. And the understatement of the size of your land, respectively, will not suit you.

As already mentioned, during the removal of the boundaries are boundary marks. It's bars made of concrete or iron, which mark the boundaries of the territory. They are located at a certain distance from each other. Such columns should have labels with a unique number plate. Since the removal of boundaries is an official and very important procedure when making land use planning documents, based on its results, an act for the imposition of boundaries in nature.

in Addition to the definition of borders can be performed and their clarification. It is a kind of procedure that is performed, if the original boundary was established. Reasons for order of installation may be several. The most common is damage to or displacement of landmarks, loss of documents about the conduct of the first removal, as well as disputes with the owners of adjacent lands for the accuracy of delineation of plot.

Second mandatory procedure surveying - topographic survey. This is already the area of engineering surveys. Topographical survey is required for different actions with the land. However, most often it is used for purposes of construction, reconstruction or landscaping. Its main purpose is to obtain as much information about the plot, then experts were able to compile a complete and accurate topographic plan Vyshgorod district. And the plan will form the basis of the project of construction of buildings, reconstruction of buildings or landscaping.

depending on the size of the study area and the purpose of the survey, it can be carried out at different scales. The largest -  1:100, 1:200 is most often used for poderino surveying with the purpose of improvement and development of landscape design. If the survey aims to design, construction or other similar works on the land, selected a classic scale - "'ll think" 1:500. But when it comes to not one land, but on a whole, the scale immediately omelets. And the result could be topoplan, and a map.

to Order any geodesic service to the residents of Vyshgorod district of Kyiv in the company Guild Engineering. We perform procedures in any geodesic direction. We will removal of boundaries in Vyshgorod district of Kyiv and will make an official act of carrying out these works. A topographic survey of Vyshgorod district may be ordered at any scale and for any purpose territories.

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