Removal of boundaries in nature

Removal of boundaries in nature is fixing all points of the turning angles in a certain area. Borders are not simply rendered on the terrain, but also fixed landmarks. The concept of boundary sign is closely related with this procedure. It's a sign of the special sample and reinforces each of the rendered points.

Removal of boundaries in nature

familiar With boundary is a contradiction. It consists in the fact that according to the definition of the label shall be the relevant form approved by the state authorities. In practice, however, the law does not say anything about what they should be, and each surveying company works with its own version of the peg. Often those posts available to the customer the procedure.

Though removal of boundaries in nature called the most important land use procedure, it is performed after completed cadastral surveying, number received and compiled all technical documentation on this land.

There are a few of the most common situations when required removal of boundaries of the site. First of all, it's the execution of any active actions with the territory – a change of destination site, the construction works on erection of buildings or the installation of fencing. The second important case is the sale of land, donation, exchange, or leasing.  

In some cases, you may need a repeat procedure, which is called the specified boundaries. This kind of applies in the case if the land were held removal of boundaries in nature, but over time the documents were lost or something happened with boundary-marks – they have shifted or been damaged. But the most difficult situation is the dispute concerning the boundaries of the territory between the owners of adjacent plots. In this case, a similar procedure gives the possibility to exhaust the conflict and make clear.

As with any surveying work, the removal of the boundaries of the land has its own algorithm, following which, the specialists of the company " Guild Engineering” get really accurate results. As soon as an appeal from the owner of the land to our company, specialists begin to prepare, which is the complete review of materials relating to the territory. When such a meeting took place, and has all the necessary information, you can proceed to field work. Our surveyors carry out productively and efficiently. Points are defined by using electronic total station. Key points that locks the device immediately fixed boundary marks at least every meter. the Takeaway borders completes the preparation of the Act on removal of boundaries in nature. But if installed and signs, we need another Act – transfer of property boundary markers.

I do Not think that it is a simple procedure. It seems like this is only at first glance. Therefore, domestic method of measurement by means of standard measuring tape or ruler  absolutely not suitable. Information obtained in this budget, but in an inefficient way, will be inaccurate, distorted. And self the procedure will be completed without proper documents. Only the use of GPS navigation and digital tachometers provides the ability to get all necessary data very accurately. And this will help you master the " Guild Engineering", working on the basis of all permits.

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