Stem plot

the Takeaway section is the determination of the exact location of the specific land area in nature. Take-out is realized by the coordinates of the corner points. The land plot's borders, or boundaries, are between corner points. Given the nature of boundary points are fixed boundary marks. the Stem plot - this is the initial stage of construction, land purchase or entry into ownership of it. To build and hosting, you need to know the exact limits of their possessions. Tenants also have to monitor the characteristic of its activities.

Stem plot

Why do I need to know the boundaries? The fact that in addition to the established registration procedure of ownership, there are sanitary and fire protection regulations that must be followed. You may want to build a outhouse, shed, garage, sauna or gazebo. Much difficulty it seems is not. But the rules of space from neighbors should be kept. Otherwise the neighbour can take legal action to prove the damage he suffered, and will have to reimburse.

Cadastral parcel number assigned during registration in the unified registry. During the drafting of the Act on the right of ownership or permanent use of land based cadastral plan of the site. Turning points are submitted in nature. Take-out plot concludes with a consolidation of boundary points boundary signs of the established sample. On the cadastral plan shows the boundaries of the plot, turning points, the signed results of the measurements between turning points. In the diagram, which complements the plan, the boundaries of the site highlighted in red. In terms of these boundaries are shown with black ink by a dotted line or a solid line, as indicated in the legend. Boundaries adjacent land uses are distinguished each by their color, are tabulated cadastral numbers of land uses.

the fact of the removal between make a report. the Stem plot is the coordinates of the turning points of geodetic methods. If the site is large and the distance from one point to another on a straight line exceeds 200 m, then set the intermediate points. They also have their coordinates and secured in the same way that corner. Spell a list of coordinates of turning points, which shows the coordinate values X and Y.

If the plot wedged or in some other way the land of another landowner, landmark also made mistakes and committed. Designated landmark area, which easements are imposed.

When changing the owner of the land cadastral number is not changed. The new owner during the inspection of land before purchase should be guided relative to parcel boundaries on the ground only boundary markers. If not, then no harm to run the removal phase. If the work done shows a mismatch of the actual legal boundaries, those that were rendered in cadastral data - the coordinates of the turning points - the buyer should think about whether to buy this site, if anticipated disputes with neighbors.

the Landmark sign sinking into the ground. When the removal of the turning point falls on the concrete fence, it is secured with a dowel.

In the formation of land through allotment of land from state or communal property, or dividing or combining previously generated plots, or in the execution of land survey projects take-out area is implemented before establishing a cadastral number. The removal of the corner points is performed according to land use documents, which became the basis for the development of the plot. The site is considered to be formed only when the assigned cadastral number.

the Company LLC ”Guild Engineering” specializes in the provision of services of geodetic nature of the public and organizations. The firm employs specialists in land management and inventory, which are entitled to perform the removal phase. It qualified engineers who undergo regular professional development. They have created official papers confirmed their signatures and the company seal shall have the same legal effect.

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