Stakeout of boundaries on the ground Borodyansky district of Kyiv

the Company Guild Engineering carries a full range of geodetic works in Borodyansky district of Kyiv. However, the most popular and therefore the most priority directions of the company are the area of land management, and also engineering and land surveying Borodyansky district. Within those areas allocated two key procedures, which are of great importance for all subsequent work that will be performed in relation to the studied land plot.

Within land allocated the Stakeout of boundaries on the ground Borodyansky district of Kyiv. Overall land use planning are paramount. Because they are necessary for the registration of land documents. Without surveying on land it is impossible to collect the complete set of technical documents, which means you can't arrange accordingly.

the Primary task of the surveyor in this direction is to establish the exact boundaries of the territory. This work is a very important and responsible. Therefore, it should only deal with professionals who have the appropriate permissions. Our employees performing work on surveying sites, such licenses and permits are, therefore, our activity is legal and regulatory. In addition, we issue upon completion of the process the Act of removal of boundaries in nature, which is the official document.

No operation with the land cannot be realized if the boundaries of this territory are not made on the ground and not attached to boundary marks. This especially applies to the sale and purchase of land, rental, donation. Of course, there are sites that already have a fence, fences. So, there surveying was carried out. In this case, you need to double-check the border, to perform their clarification, then there were no conflicts with the owners of adjacent parcels.

If the plot is a land without fences, it is necessary not only to accurately set these boundaries, but also to secure them by means of boundary markers at all turning points. These marks can later be fenced territory.

And when all the land is made, we can proceed to other activities. In particular, it is necessary to carry out topographical surveys. Topographic survey Borodyansky district, which is the Central procedure and survey process, directed to the full study area. Such research is necessary for any works you wish to carry out on the site - if you're gonna build a new building or reconstruct old, if you want to organize a territory or implement the ideas of landscape design, if necessary laying of new lines or replacement of existing. Only depending on the chosen target may change the priority of the objects of study and the survey scale. For example, in order to prepare a topographic plan of the site for landscaping required poderina shooting at scale 1:200, which will take into account every little detail, the location of each tree in the study area. And in that case, if the survey is conducted at the preliminary stage of the construction process, and on its basis will be prepared project documentation for construction, we need a complete plan to scale 1:500 taking into account not only the terrain, borders, location of immovable objects, but also with the fixation of all communications passing through the area.

Any surveying work Borodyansky district important for the realization of the goals of the site owner, but without defining boundaries and topographical survey of the further work on earth is not possible.

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