Stakeout of boundaries on the ground Boryspil district of Kyi

Geodesy, one way or another, touches any object and any land regardless of its location, size, purpose and other criteria. Thus it can be explored fully and in various stages of operation - at the stage of registration of land documents, the design development phase of construction, reconstruction, improvement, during the implementation of this project, and on completion of all works and commissioning of the structure. Private land, infrastructure, industrial, hydrotechnical and other facilities - all of these, as well as lots of other be the subject of geodetic research.

Topographic survey Boryspil district - the most popular surveying procedure. This is the complete study area, its measurement. Performed this work using electronic total stations, receivers, satellite communication and navigation, as well as locators, which are needed to identify the locations of underground communication lines. In addition, analysis was performed using software specifically developed for geodetic purposes.

Topographic mapping, for whatever object it is applied, is held in three stages - preparation, the shooting and processing of information. However, you can vary the magnification.

the Differences in the scale depends on the purpose for which it is carried out topographical survey and what the size of the territory it covers. The most common is the so-called scale-"'ll think". It is often turn owners of land. The thing is that on a scale of 1:500 are topolini for project documentation, master plans, topography, as well as a number of other necessary documents. Shooting at this scale involves the most complete display of all terrain features - its size, relief, communications, the location of all objects.

Shooting at smaller scales is necessary in order to transmit a large area, and when the focus is on the location of utilities on the site and below it.

In turn, large scale, e.g. 1:200 applicable in cases of development projects of landscaping and landscape design. Large scale is needed here, in order to accurately convey the location of all parts, including green plantings - trees, shrubs.

the specialists of the company Guild Engineering who work in Boryspil district, apply an individual approach to each customer. That is why all the features relative to the scale and other details of topographic survey specified in each individual case.

Individual approach is used by surveyors and in such a topical and sensitive issues,  land management. In this direction the most popular procedure is the Stakeout of boundaries on the ground Boryspil district of Kyiv. It is very important is the individual approach and the objectivity of the results, because the issue of land demarcation can stand very sharply. Often to establish the exact boundaries of the site, it is necessary not just for paperwork and to resolve disputes between owners of neighbouring territories for the edge pieces of the earth. In such cases, the surveyors have to be very careful to establish accurate information, and objective, taking on the role of third party in conflict resolution in question.

But even if you have no problem with the neighbors on the division of territories, the removal of boundaries in nature Boryspil district will be needed if you sell or rent out the land. In all these, and many other geodetic matters helper is our company.

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