Stakeout of boundaries on the ground Vasilkovsky district, Kiev

Geodesy is the science accurate. And it's not only about the calculations that are actively used in the conduct of any work, and result processing. The fact is that all the data given by the surveyor as a result, must be extremely accurate. It is precision - credo specialists of the company Guild Engineering, operating in the Vasilkovsky district, Kiev.

That the information was indeed accurate, it is necessary that the work carried out by qualified specialists using modern professional equipment. Then you can count on the most productive work and high quality results.

In geodesy important each procedure, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant. However, it is necessary to highlight a few that are key and most frequently ordered by our customers. In particular, we want to mention surveying.

Topographic survey is a key process of the whole complex engineering surveys. In addition to the shooting in this complex include preparation of topographical plan and transfer of the project on the area Vasilkovsky district. All work and survey areas directly related to topographic survey, and transfer of the project. After all, the main goal, which most often order this service as a preparation to a building or renovation. In this case, survey Vasilkovsky district becomes the basis for the data that are necessary for the proper development of the construction project that, once approved, must also be accurately transferred to the construction site.

Procedure topographic survey has three stages. The first stage is preparation. At this stage, experts studied data on previous surveys in the territory, and also stipulates the technical task of the customer.

the Second stage of field. It works at the site. It all starts with inspection, visual Dating. Further, the surveyors are using professional equipment, which will help to identify the parameters of the territory, horizontal features and changes, the distance between elements, the presence of buildings, structures and communications.

the Third stage of the Desk. It is processing recorded data at the field stage. They are analyzed by experts, processed by special software and are presented in a technical report, and also the topographical plan. These documents are sent to the client.

a Similar sequence of actions is another geodesic procedure - the Stakeout of boundaries on the ground Vasilkovsky district, Kiev. This work spatial directions. Together with cadastral surveying, removal of borders opens work on the land and helps in the preparation of the relevant documentation.

In the first stage, gather all information and documents associated with this land, they are analyzed. Special attention should be paid to the cadastral materials sector number and data on its registration in the land cadastre.

the Second stage of field. When directly set the boundary and fixed boundary marks.

the Third stage of the Desk. At this stage are the official documents - the Act of the removal of boundaries and the Act of transfer of landmarks. In addition, cameral stage must be harmonized established boundaries with the owners of adjacent parcels.

proper order of this algorithm together with the professionalism of our specialists and our modern equipment guarantees the high quality results and surveying activities and surveying procedures.

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