staking out the boundaries of the land

In geodesy highlights a number of areas, which are designed to satisfy various requests of landowners. One of the most important areas is the land. This is because land management tasks associated with documentation on the site and other similar issues. This area is one of the most complex, costly and long time. It includes not just one procedure but a set. The most popular among them is staking out the boundaries of the land.

staking out the boundaries of the land

the Stakeout has a different name – the setting of boundaries. In particular, sets the boundaries of the plot. Also, they fixed boundary marks with a detailed description of their location. Make sure to install these signs, it is necessary to clearly define the parameters of the study area. Especially need to pay attention to turning points, which are in the procedure key. According to the results of the procedure, a formal document – the Act of removal of boundaries in nature, and also a Deed of conveyance to the use of landmarks. These papers are the basis for further action by the owner. Are formed these Acts immediately upon completion of the process by the same experts who carried out field procedures.

Often the Stakeout borders needed in the course of registration of land documents and land registry. However, such a procedure might be needed and in such an unpleasant situation as  disputes with owners of adjacent lands on the borders of the plot. It is through their determination to prove his innocence and to exhaust a conflict situation. Another recommendation from experts is to carry out this procedure before you make a deal sale. If you want to acquire the land, it is better, still not taking ownership, make sure that the bounds stated in the documentation are correct. Otherwise, you can get in trouble if those settings that have actually not coincide with the existing state act. Saving on removal of the boundaries, you run the risk of spending even more money already being the owner on the renewal of the documents or other unpleasant, costly, and long moments.

Although the Stakeout of the land  at first glance it seems quick and simple, actually it is a rather complicated procedure, requiring high qualifications. It's not just the clogging of the columns in certain places of the site, as many people think. Such arguments are misleading. After all, even if the owner of the site is on the hands of the State act and the inventory number, it does not mean that it is possible according to them to set boundaries. We need a clear boundary coordinates, which can be found quickly in the presence of a cadastral number.

As you can see, the Stakeout of boundaries – work, do not tolerate carelessness, incompetence and mistakes. So if you require this procedure, please contact the company Guild Engineering, which experts have a permit to conduct such work and the right to preparation of Acts. We investigate the coordinates and boundaries, make them the Stakeout plot only using surveying equipment. Electronic total stations, and receivers of satellite navigation systems is able to record all key parameters with high accuracy. The degree of error may be just one or two centimeters. Therefore, the removal of the boundaries will be as accurate as possible.

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