take away land in nature

the Most frequently ordered procedure among the whole complex of land surveying surveying is the takeaway of land in nature. This work involves the fixing of key turning points of all sides of the land by boundary markers. In other words, you define the boundaries of the territory on the ground.

the Removal of the land in the nature

This procedure is necessary in order to register the plot. However, at the time, the owner must be a document that confirms the ownership of this territory. In addition, before commencing the actual  process, need to investigate cadastral plan of land boundaries and get the coordinates with the State Land cadastre. All this is necessary to very accurately transfer these coordinates to the locality. A help in this will be able geodetic equipment with high precision.

As noted, the takeaway section in nature is performed if necessary registration site. However, this is not the only reason. To determine the boundaries is necessary if the existing section is reorganized, changing its purpose. Also, the actual reason of acts of ownership of the territory in consequence of the transaction of purchase and sale, exchange, donation. The situation may arise that the documents that confirm the right of possession of this territory, not decorated properly, correctly and without carrying out procedures for the fixing of boundaries. Then you need to undertake this work, that documentation was complete and met all the standards. And another case which entails the ordering of a service by defining the boundaries is conflict and litigation with neighbours on the boundary survey. In this case, the Act of removal of boundaries in nature, with the exact parameters of the territory, is the most important evidence in favor of either side.

on the Basis of the above mentioned reasons, it can be concluded that the border area with their subsequent fixing of boundary marks are defined as the current owner and a potential buyer, when it comes to the sale of land, and even designers-developers. They each have their own goals, pursuing which they order such a service. Thus, the designer-Builder must know clearly what are the right boundaries, in order to perform accurate spacing of the future buildings. The owners of the plots there is a need in that case, if earlier, such work has not been done and there is a need in the official document confirming the existing borders. Another option for the owner can be a situation when a previously installation of border markers was carried out, however, they were shifted over time or lost. As a potential buyer orders a job, to be assured that the claimed bounds in the documents coincide with field data.

Consolidation of boundary marks is to install a peg of a specific sample with a specific serial number for each. They are mounted at each turning point of the territory. These marks can later install protective structures, for example, fences. This whole procedure is fixed documented by Acts that include data on activities undertaken and details of installed boundary signs. All issues associated with setting the boundaries of the site, the experts of the company " Guild Engineering”.

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