engineering surveying

to predict the state of the real structure during its operation and to minimize possible risks of deformation, prior to construction engineering surveys are carried out.

engineering surveying

engineering surveying involves a number of activities aimed at integrated and comprehensive a study of the technical and environmental characteristics of the territory, which is planned to build. The results of such surveys are the strongest argument for choice of action for the protection of the object and the area from negative, destructive factors.

the Main task of exploratory activities in obtaining the information needed to choose and develop the most productive and appropriate measures in the design of the building. In this case there is no difference, building a purpose built civil, industrial, road, water or other. The only thing that affects the set of procedures and their scope is the amount of information available about the study area and the selected method of construction.

Engineering research can be different in form. It depends on the study of some properties they are directed.

  • geological Engineering – we study the properties of soil, its advantages and disadvantages, type and composition. All these information give an opportunity when developing the project of the Foundation to select the most appropriate building materials and method of laying a Foundation. If geological surveys carried out fully and accurately, we can expect that the design and construction work will be performed correctly and the building will be durable and strong.
  • Engineering hydrological survey – the study of water. Hydrological analysis can be directed to water bodies – water bodies of different types. But another area of hydrological research is the analysis of groundwater. Typically, the second type is combined with geological studies. This section also includes observations of the climate characteristics of the terrain, the degree and types of precipitation, which also strongly influences the overall characteristics of the territory.
  • Engineering and land surveying is the study of the surface of the land. If the previous two peek inside, surveying analyzes the surface and all of its features. Information obtained as a result of such procedures is necessary in order to properly develop the project construction. The emphasis of the study is on the terrain and the location of real estate, infrastructure and communications in the territory.

Listed species surveys are basic. Besides them there are environmental, which consider the safety of construction and building materials research. However, these species are indirect and are used more as a Supplement.

Geodetic and geological surveys is mandatory the work that is done  in the preparatory stage. They give detailed information regarding the plot on which building is planned. With them will know, are there any serious risks associated with natural or negative technical factors, and how to improve the situation. In view of such relevance and importance to order these processes need to proven, qualified specialists, which are employees of the company Guild Engineering.

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