Reconciliation rolling mills

performance measurement at the factories, in the shops - an integral part of the profession "surveyor". For the manufacture of sheet steel of various thicknesses, rolled in various fields need rolling mills. the Reconciliation of rolling mills occurs during installation, and renovation or modernization of mills. During the reconstruction the foundations are strengthened, the worn parts of equipment replaced with new. This difficult job can last a month and a half.

Reconciliation rolling mills

In close collaboration of designers and surveyors to create 3D models of individual parts of the rolling mill. The establishment of such models using the method of laser three-dimensional measurement allows you to develop a design solution for the reconstruction of the mill and build a clear sequence of all process of installation.

Rolling mills, depending on the product range, come in different sizes. Production line of steel sheet consists of multiple roughing and finishing stands, the feed and rotary mechanisms, facilities, desludging, refrigerator, scissors. So the work went smoothly, the treated steel sheet was moving uninterrupted from one device to another, and there was no marriage, all part of the huge line building in strict accordance with the project. To do this, during installation of the equipment is the reconciliation of the rolling mills.

Rolling mills mounted on a Foundation prepared in advance. The parameters they check. On the foundations of the fixed frame and the dies used for the alignment. Prepare geodetic substantiation. Is survey of the rolling mills, which determines the magnitude of the deviations of the actual foundations of the project. The tolerances must not be exceeded. Then install the equipment mounted on the metal pads, which will then remain underneath and will provide additional strength to the base, or on jacks, removed fixing hardware.

breakdown of the axes of the rolling mills is performed in two directions: longitudinal and transverse. For the main axle of the axis of the rolling mill and some of the transverse axis. Inaccurate breakdown of the major axis may result in uneven provision of rolls that will end the production of defective products.

During the alignment check the position of the equipment in plan and in height. Jacks or decreasing, or increasing the thickness of the shims to achieve the desired installation position. Breakdown of the axes of the rolling mills is to run the reconciliation in the plan. Checks vertical position of the base surfaces, the planned position of numerous parts, horizontal installations. Geodetic survey of the rolling mills shows the accuracy of matching locations of individual parts of a line relative to each other and to the overall project.

Along with the traditional levels and theodolites to improve the accuracy and accelerate the process can be used Sokkia total stations and laser systems.

the Entire reconciliation process is defined in the regulations, the maximum deviation of the measured parameters. Engineers-surveyors company LLC “the Guild Engineering” know the entire process of reconciliation and have experience that enable them stand out from other artists. The company has the necessary equipment and software that allows you to work with paper drawings and 3D models. Reconciliation of rolling mills made by our company, allow for a long time to produce high quality products. If necessary, the surveyors of the company will exercise control for settlement of the foundations during operation of the mill and check on the status of equipment after repair.

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