Determination of the area of land

The definition of the area of land is the most significant event in geodesy, without which it is impossible to imagine proper functioning of the land cadastre. The needs that necessitated the measurement of square footage may be different. The owner of the land intends to explore the natural wealth contained in the soil, or to build a house on the plot. In any case, there is a need to measure the square footage in order to accurately calculate the plan of the future building. Today there are three ways to define the area of land.

Determination of the area of land

Methods and techniques for the determination of the area

  1. Analytical method of determination helps to measure the area of land by measuring angles and sides. If the area is too large, it can be divided into several squares, which are called polygons.
  2. The graphical method has a topographic base. The basis of such measurements is a map where using the scale and carried out measurements of the land, or polygons, of which it is composed.
  3. The mechanical method is a more modern and efficient. The definition of the area of land occurs through the application of auxiliary devices.

It happens that for the correct measurement of square footage use all three methods simultaneously, combining funds to achieve the most accurate result. Square footage can also be calculated on the computer to form a digital terrain model and calculate all the required parameters.

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So in conclusion we can say that the analytical method to determine the land area is based on geographical indicators, the graphics is based on geometry, and the mechanical is more dependent on technical devices and electronic machines. In any case, all three methods together or separately from each other to help calculate the area of the area and to ensure the functioning of the land registry.

What is the definition of the area of land

In the implementation of geodetic measurements, the most commonly used device planner. It can be mechanical or electronic. It is important to know that the electronic planner is more effective because it has the ability not only to note the size of the plot, but leave the coordinates in memory, and also communicate with the computer, which today plays a major role.

The most progressive method can be considered the use of satellite signals for precise positioning of designs. On the corners of the required locations have satellite receivers, which coordinate the sensors of the satellite and indicate the size of the disposal area.

The definition of the area of land may also occur by application of the isolated image. The surveyor needs to leave at certain parts of the territory of the notches, which in the final make up an overall picture and help to calculate the exact size of the plot. Serifs are used during the entire measurement site, or division by polygons.

The graphical method is most often used by surveyors because it does not require a large amount of equipment and helps you quickly determine the area of the territory. A breakdown of land into geometrical figures (polygons or triangles) and the use of formulas is the best option quickly calculate the square footage.

It is worth noting that this method of determination of the area of the land is not so accurate as, for example, analytical or mechanical. Repeating the procedure of subtracting the numbers, you will notice that every time your data differ by a few units. The reason for such deviations lies in the features of surface and terrain, the area where you are trying to calculate.

Depending on the type of terrain and topographic features of the specialist in geodesy have the right to decide which method will be most effective and help you to obtain the most accurate data about the surface area.

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