Land-cadastral survey

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In geodesy there are a number of activities aimed at the preparation of land use documentation. Land-cadastral surveying is one of these areas. You can use it to shoot real estate properties, as well as any area and geographical position of the territory. The main goal of this work is the preparation of technical documentation for land management agencies.

Land-cadastral survey

Each of the objects land-cadastral survey has a standard set of characteristics - size, coordinates, dimensions and location. It is natural that each plot these individual indicators. And they can only get by shooting with the use of special equipment with high accuracy and reliability.

Cadastral surveying involves the implementation of a whole range of activities that aim to determine and to recover the boundaries of the site. Cadastral surveying is divided into preparatory and production work that must be performed only by experienced specialists. The professionalism of our surveyors allows you to define the boundaries of the plot as accurately as possible in a short period of time.

The preparatory works include preparation of technical specification for carrying out this type of surveying, the formation program for the implementation of cadastral surveys, the collection and analysis of necessary legal documentation. This preparatory phase aims at obtaining reliable documentation.

The production process involves field and laboratory work aimed at the study area, identification and restoration of boundaries, negotiation of these boundaries with the owners of adjacent lands. These works carried out by contractors. Based on the data compiled by the appropriate documentation and cadastral plans. Their scale should be such that all details, records, elements, symbols were quite clearly visible.

the Obtained data are summarized in a single document - the cadastral map. It runs on a scale that meets the requirements of specialized state bodies. This standard corresponds to the coordinate system. In the cadastral map should reflect the most hollow of information for this land parcel or a specific territory. Most commonly used scale 1:1000 or 1:2000. For greater accuracy, and compliance with applicable state coordinate system. However, in some cases, you can apply and local option. But in such cases it is necessary to consider the indicators of the transition to a common state system. The selected type of coordinates should be the same throughout the process.

to Ensure that high quality results can only company that has a staff of highly qualified professionals. OOO Guild  Engineering - this is the organization that will perform land-cadastral survey the best way. We have at our disposal all the necessary equipment that is licensed and meets state standards. This GPS receivers, tachometers, and other equipment.

Land-cadastral survey..

Like any other geological study, Land-cadastral survey  consists of a specific sequence of actions. We begin with a thorough training equipment, as well as exploring the area. After this comes directly procedure of cadastral survey. In a professional environment this step is called a eld. The received information is processed, prepared cadastral plan and progress report.

in order to get to work, we need copies of documents  identity (passport and identification code)that describes your rights to the land and all immovable objects located on its territory. As soon as all the details will be agreed and the contract signed, we will begin to work.

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