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In last year the us beat made geodetic, geological and cadastral works in 190 cities and towns of Ukraine, more detail in a new reference sheet for last year. In last year, 30% of effort and attention is directed to perform a topographic survey at 1:500 and pass the parcel in nature, 60% for engineering Geology drilling, the remaining 10% of objects amount to services for the estimation of quantities of materials and earthwork, the assignment of cadastral numbers, the accomplishment of beaches, surveying in construction (breakdown of the axes, Executive surveys, verification of process equipment). We work with private individuals, large industrial facilities on long-term contracts.

Solar power station


The address of the object:
Transcarpathian region., Khust district, r. Rosokovo


Geological survey on a site in 40 hectares



Адрес объекта:
Харьковская обл., Балаклея

Вид работ:
Геологические изыскания, 5 скважин по 15 метров

Road Reconstruction


Address of the object:
Dnepropetrovsk region, Nikopol district


Topographic plan M1: 500 for 70km highways


ATB Trading Establishment


Address of the object:
Kharkiv region, Kharkiv city


Type of work:
Topographical survey in M 1: 500 with the consent of the operating authorities


Treatment facilities


The address of the object:
Zaporozhye region, m.Stepnogorsk


Wells from 15m deep for the reconstruction of purification facilities




The address of the object:
Donetsk region, Pokrovsk


26 wells for the construction and reconstruction of the Severny water conduit


Master Plan of the City


The address of the object:
Sumy region, Akhtyrka


Aerial photography of 3186ha for the development of the city master plan


24 settlements


The address of the object:
Zhytomyr region, Korostyshevsky district


Aerial photography for the development of general layouts of settlements with a total area of more than 6400ha


Карьєр ООО "Евроминерал"


Address of the object:
Donetsk region, Konstantinovsky district, Ocheretino village


Surveying work on a quarry with a total area of 5, 5 hectares


Quarry clay


Address of the object:
Ternopil region, Teernopol district


Mine surveying to measure 2.5 g of clay career




The address of the object:
Donetsk region, Mariupol


Hydrographic surveys of the channel of the sulphide lake for PJSC "Azovstal"




The address of the object:
Dnepropetrovsk region, Magdalene district


Hydrographic survey of the depth of the lake


Our customers
make us
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We have already ordered geodesy, Geology and topographic mapping

Designing for high-quality geodetic basis - 99% of the success of the new project. As a project company in the value of their design services lay the costs of third-party organizations, such as surveying companies and geological work at the stage of tender manipulations on a specific object, then the price should be fixed, in some cases, a year before the start of work. Also at this stage it would be nice to determine the contractors for geodesy and Geology. When the project is running, as a rule, time is very compressed, so the best design companies choose us for stability, speed and quality both at the stage of contractual relations, and at the stage of field work, measurements, drilling. Processing also corresponds to the high themes of the development of finished drawings and reports. Project companies is mainly needed in: engineering Geology for design of the Foundation, removal of boundaries of the site to determine the object location and topographic survey for design of buildings, structures, communications, reliable Executive geodetic documentation for the timely adoption of appropriate design solutions. Best of design company choose us for the adequacy, speed and high quality at the right price.

NPF Personproject



OOO Sich Energo

Ideal Project


The company "Guild Engineering" closely cooperates with more than 60 quarries throughout Ukraine. We provide full complexes surveying and geodetic works, and specific services such as: removal of boundaries of the mining allotment, the establishment of the geodetic network and survey points and points, the development of PGR, mapping for updating mining plans, the calculation of the amount of excavation, Stripping and mining operations, an independent review of the work of surveying service, breakdown location and design of slopes, ledges, the provisions of the ore body. The latest software and surveying equipment(reflectorless total stations and GPS systems) help to increase the speed of shooting, processing surveying data, accuracy and reliability, to reduce the influence of the human factor. We moved to a qualitatively new level providing surveying services in the quarries. This is evidenced by our rich experience of cooperation with many companies in the development of mineral deposits open way. High accuracy of 2% in the calculation of volumes is achieved by a large number of points to be measured, and by proper interpolation when laboratory processing.

OOO "VIP-Excavator"

OOO Evrotekhnologii



station Denisevich, quarry


We provide best construction company of Ukraine only quality surveying, and Geology. Provided as a single separate geodetic works, and the full complex of engineering survey for construction of: surveying and engineering Geology at the preliminary stage, the removal of boundaries for understanding the spot of development, the breakdown of axes of buildings, structures, Executive survey, a breakdown of excavation, calculation of earthworks, Executive surveys of engineering networks for commissioning, monitoring foundations in the construction process, keeping the Executive of the General plan, a breakdown of the fence, the final topographic survey with approvals in the courts. At all these stages, the presence of the surveyor negotiated according to a convenient schedule to reduce the cost of geodetic support of construction. 12-year experience helped to develop new techniques as center and film work, and stage of processing for tracing the Executive geodetic documentation. At each removal of the axes, we define the accuracy of their position, the correct operation of the device, the reliability of fastening axial marks on the ground. Our customers appreciate the quality and the time, so work with us on a long-term cooperation.


Master Pro





OOO GeoTop

OOO Clean soil

PMK 19

Complex "Golden keys"

Linde gas


Surveying and engineering-geological research on plants have a particularly difficult and dangerous conditions. Only being present at the construction of the plant from scratch, you can understand the importance and role of geodesy and Geology in cooperation with the plants. All plants share a common concept: all equipment is situated in their seats, have the correct geometry and performs its functions. For the first two parameters and is designed to track surveying service of the plant. We also performed at the plants: topographic survey of the refinery's territories, the breakdown of the axes in the shops, periodic surveying, rail, cranes, columns, walls, floors, roofs, chimneys, steel structures, calculations of volumes of raw materials in warehouses, silos, check the alignment conveyors, mills, foot bridges, crane beams, roads, parcel boundaries, updating of topographic plans and tablets, as-built surveying engineering networks and communications, alignment of technological equipment, as well as surveying instrumental observations of displacements and deformations of buildings and structures, foundations, the creation of maintaining and developing geodetic bases, factory items.


MZ investment

NTRP Dnepropetrovsk




The Ilyich Plant

Mirgorod mineral water Plant



Interpipe Niketu

Tagal Dnepr


Volnogorsky glass

Crimean titanium, Volnogorsk

Knitting factory Orlovschina

Battery plant(East\Vesta ) Dnepr

Aluminum plant in Zaporozhye

In plants and CHP always in the warehouses there are remains of raw materials, which are transferred to the balance of the next reporting period, we are able to calculate the volume of raw materials in warehouses, using resampling to determine its weight, all this issue in a technical report. As for TPPs, the following types of geological and geodetic works: engineering-geological surveys for the renovation and construction of buildings, structures, pipelines, pipelines, topographic surveys for design of new buildings, the shooting ponds of water, to determine their actual depths and water volumes in them, definition of rolls of chimneys, monitoring deformations of buildings and structures, verification of geometrical parameters of cranes, rails, steel structures, topographic survey of underground utilities. In the list of TPS with whom we work have included a greater number of thermal power plants of Ukraine.








For networks of filling stations our company provides a very wide range of engineering-geodetic and geological services, ranging from land allocation for dressing and finishing the final topographic survey of the finished gas station for commissioning and completing of the rental agreement. When working with gas stations geologists and surveyors should pay attention to the following points: when surveying the gas station be sure the plan identifies nearby buildings, fire hydrants, point of connection to the engineering networks, access roads for vehicles, tanks for fuel storage, network, external lighting, lightning protection, grounding, girolametto, operator cabin, gas station, fire stand. When migration networks and communications, which went along the route prior to the construction of gas stations, they should appear on a topographic survey of filling stations and the Executive of the General plan. So how often existing refueling moderniziriruyutsya, rekonstruiruet, moving to new fuels, with each square meter plays a role, and the accuracy of the application to the plan of the underground utility lines, gas stations is essential to the successful design in the future.







We live in agricultural country, so cooperation with agricultural company of Ukraine and foreign partners is one of the key areas of our company. The list of services for farmers very long. Usually we order: removal of boundaries of the unit, marking the boundaries of the site, verification of areas of fields, marking the centers of the circular irrigation, automatic irrigation, topographic surveys for design of greenhouses, raised beds, farms, hangars, grain elevators, reclamation, construction of buildings, roads. For leases of units of land, we can offer the creation of exchange xml files, cadastral survey. Geology for agricultural companies is manifested in terms of selection of soil samples for chemical analysis, exploratory drilling to determine groundwater levels. Engineering Geology for the design of foundations, determine their types, depths and materials. We are also breakdowns axes of new buildings and storage of agricultural complexes, estimates of the volumes of earthwork in grading. The most advanced x company even bought marking their logos on the fields in the form of nut orchards and flower beds.


Persha Zernova Kompaniya

TOV Andrushevsky Elevator


Nasha Ryaba

Dairy farm "Ekaterinoslav"


Agrofirma "Rodina"

OP "Vinnitsa broiler"

JSC "zernoprodukt"

OOO "Straw"

Granary in the village of Raikivshchyna

Mobile operators also need the engineering-geological and engineering-geodesic surveys for the construction of new towers, paperwork for office buildings, renewal of leases, obtaining land allotments. Each tower of mobile communication has its geodetic coordinates and vertical position. With the verticality of the towers was being watched by the surveyors. Using total stations is determined by the inclination of the tower as degree as well as in line. At the end of the observations prepared a technical report about the instrumental geodetic observations of the construction of the tower type. As mobile operators telephone network throughout the territory of Ukraine, as we do, they are very profitable to work with us.





Working with utility, government and social services of the city, region, country in the sphere of Geology, geodesy and cadastre, I would like to point out some differences: in 90% of cases, the form of payment according to the acts of executed works, without payment. Therefore, using the services of such organizations, payment transactions can be tightened not for one year. As a rule, all projects of the budgetary sphere is carefully checked by the Supervisory authorities, therefore the artists must be a complete package of permits, certified professionals and state of the testing equipment. Checks are subject to accounting, Directors, shareholders, etc. we Have this all right, as evidenced by long-standing cooperation with the city (topographic survey and as-built surveying of all new connections of gas city and district), Philharmonic society, library, Ministry of education (topographic survey of all the kindergartens of the city) and other public institutions Dnepropetrovsk.

The Dneprogaz

Dnipropetrovsk regional clinical hospital

Hospital in the village. Kushuhum

Dnipropetrovsk Philharmonic. Kogan

Dnipropetrovsk municipal water supply

Kindergartens in the river

Working with a chain stores we have identified their needs in geodesy, Geology, pass the parcel, namely: if the store is already operational, then all communication, that he uses must be properly marked on the topographic plan. Only under these conditions with the stores signed the Treaty of accession with the utilities. Smooth floors of large stores is the first thing that catches the eye. Therefore, the leveling of the sexes, we performed very accurately and quickly, is often to identify the flaws in the early stages. When new connections topographic survey is to predictable connection points. During the construction of the shops can not do without a geotechnical report for the design of foundations. Since chain stores are expanding with every year and new construction in villages and towns with poorly studied Geology and surveying the situation, without exploration drilling and GPS satellite observations can not do, what we show very well, cooperating with largest shop chains in Ukraine.




The new line



All elevators have their own platform and land on them without geodesy and Geology will not do. Engineering Geology well-drilling is made as to design new elevators, and renovation of existing ones. On the basis of cadastral surveys and technical reports on geodesy and technical documentation of land management make land plots and inventory numbers to the elevators. Topographic survey with underground networks, cables, pipelines, gas pipelines necessary for the design of the Elevator. The removal of borders will show your legitimate territory for fence installation and improvement of access roads. Usually all elevators suitable railway, which must also apply to the General plan and topographic plans, with its elevations and slopes. High building elevators, barrels, subject to the geodetic instrument observations of movements and deformations. To do this all over the court and outside the fixed geodetic reference points of the network and highly accurate reference for further observations outside the zone flashes. The breakdown of the axes in the construction of new elevators will give confidence that all future buildings will stand in their places, and this will correctly perform its functions.

Androsovsky Elevator


Elevator in the port of Kherson


OOO "Radivilivsky Elevator"

The vradiyevsky Elevator

For banks we do pass the parcel, exterior shot, the development exchange xml files, topographic surveys for the renewal of leases of offices. The full complex of engineering Geology and geodesy for the construction of new offices. Banks love to count money, and especially their own, so when choosing engineering companies choose us as partners.


Bank "Yuzhniy"



Full geodetic support of construction stadium - a very complex and responsible task, the error of the surveyor can lead to alterations in millions of hryvnias, and danger for thousands of people. Therefore, the construction of the stadiums need to choose the best surveyors and geologists, that we are at the moment, as evidenced by extensive experience in the construction and participation in projects of national importance.



Dnipropetrovsk airport

Boryspil airport

Geodesy and Geology at the housing should be high quality, as such projects must undergo examination, which will not miss a single technical violations and non-compliance with the technical instructions. Necessary conditions for geological and geodetic service: annual state of the metrological verification of the measuring equipment, certified engineers along the narrow profile, engineers-surveyors engineers-surveyors, experience of similar projects. In high-rise works are issued special permits for high-altitude work. If the number of floors will exceed 30 floors, to the surveying necessary to produce the project for the production of geodetic works PPHR, and produce the breakdown of the axes and transfer of the reference marks on the mounting horizon, according to the project survey. Special attention is paid to Elevator shafts, foundations and geodetic basis. Geodetic points are subject to weekly perezaluzhenie. The building is observed periodically for signs of deformation and displacement. At the stage of excavation are controlled by the elevation of the pit, when mechanical excavation the digging is not allowed, manual completion is typically less than 10 centimeters. At the stage of pile driving, the surveyor controls the position of each pile as in plan and in height, as the pile works correctly only in its place, as above it will be placed bearing walls, foundations. A complete package in a timely manner made the Executive geodetic documentation in the form of as-built drawings for all consoles will give confidence in the correctness of the movement for construction of residential buildings.

Residential complex "VREMENA goda"

Residential complex "HOUSE ON MIRONOV"

Residential complex "HOUSE ON MIRONOV"

All-Ukrainian project "quay quarter"

Our services have already benefited from such famous objects as business centers, recreation, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other interesting projects.

Hotel Good Areas

The Company "Logos Sports"

Baron Razgulyaeff

The Mall Caravan

Praymvud limited

TC Babylon

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